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Cookie Clicker iPhone Hack (iFunBox)

Cookie Clicker iPhone Hack (iFunBox)

Cookie Clicker Hack can be downloaded directly from our website.Cookie Clicker iPhone Hack (iFunBox) Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Animalsweet pallow

    I don’t have cookiesaves

  2. i dont have cookiesaves

  3. Lol “oh no it’s my phone syncing oh shit” hahahaha

  4. dany.boy.my.ipad2 .

    Do you need to have jailbreak

  5. chineseeee

  6. I get 999 999 999 cookies in less than a second I have 14 quintillion

  7. O shet lolol

  8. Why does it say no computer in the bio

  9. Uploaded a month ago.

  10. In the documents it only says data, log, menuite, and sentences

  11. Imesha A. Maldeniya K


  12. Stevieb ninetynine

    Screw you Asian

  13. Does it call viruses

  14. Can you speak English ?

  15. i cant find teh Cookie save? documents…

  16. Just quit youtube you suck

    I’m sorry, it had to be said…..

  18. I LOVE YOU!
    It still works for me :)

  19. thank u so much, now i have so man y cookies its really lags LOL

  20. “I’ve been doing things”

  21. thanks dude i subscribed :)

  22. Dude r u Filipino

  23. I discovered another hack where you can get a level 999 Proto cookie
    without paying anything

  24. wow this works thanks

  25. thanks! :) it worked on windows :)

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